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We are called to be His image bearers and Glory carriers, we have been called to release the River of God as spoken of in Ezekiel 47 to the nations. And as promised by the Lord where ever the river goes, it brings life because it comes from the sanctuary. We believe that it is in the secret place of seeking His face and hearing His voice that the river starts as a trickle and as we seek Him more it becomes a raging torrent of Life that can transform neighborhoods, cities, states and nations for God’s glory.



Co-Founder & President

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As a third generation minister, I have grown up seeing and experiencing the power of God to transform people’s lives and set them free from bondage. I was saved at the age of 8 on an altar built by my dad. I was baptized in the Holy Spirit at age 10. I have ministered in over a dozen US States and several foreign countries. I have seen God do miraculous things in the meetings, people saved, healed and set free from demonic oppression.

Mountain Song is a ministry to take this message of the life changing power of God to the whole Earth. Following the Great Commission to Go and make disciples of all nations.



Co-Founder & Vice President

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As a third generation worshiper and intercessor, I have grown to understand and experience the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit, the One whom manifest healing and transforms lives. I have ministered in song from a young age, serving on many worship teams and leading worship for the past 30 years. I have experienced the move of the Holy Spirit, prophetic songs of the Lord, bringing supernatural healing and restoration to many lives.
We believe God wants to unleash a river of “new wine” in His church today. When we desire a new wine, we must have new, flexible wineskins to contain His new anointing. God is calling us to
prepare for the new wineskin, what is ineffective, insufficient must be replaced. What is old must be renewed by the Holy Spirit. We believe as we press in, fast and pray, the oil of heaven will fashion our new wineskins, preparing for us to receive the new wine.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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